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If there’s one thing our digital marketing gurus love more than advertising, it’s your business’s performance.

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We love building high-performance campaigns that are tailored to your specific business goals.

Google Ads

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Email Marketing

We can help your business develop a strong digital presence across key advertising channels. Cut through the clutter and reach customers, generate leads, drive sales and achieve real business outcomes. Focus on data-driven creativity and planning, not vanity metrics.

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Google Ads

As a Google Partner Agency, we tailor search, display and video campaigns to your specific business goals so they achieve real results.

Want to see an upswing in your leads and sales? We love creating conversion-based campaigns that increase quality traffic to your website and help lift your business higher in Google’s rankings.

As a ‘Pay-Per-Click’ service, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Starting budgets can be variable based on your needs, with room to scale and grow.

Display advertising is a great way to integrate smokin’ hot visuals with a hard call to action. Its purpose is to encourage people to click through to your website or landing page and take action (e.g. make a purchase).

We use display advertising to target specific new audiences to your business while also retargeting people closest to conversion.

Display advertising is a great way to build brand awareness within a respectful budget.

Video ads aren’t just fun and creative – they appeal to a multi-sensory response and are a great way to express your brand messaging.

Like display advertising, we target specific new audiences with your video advertising while retargeting people closest to conversion.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t play on social media; our digital team are experts on it. As a Facebook Partner Agency, our specialists will create a Social Media strategy aimed at reaching and converting your potential customers through the most appropriate platforms that match your product or service offering.

Did you know we can narrow your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to target specific audiences based on location, demographics and interests? Cool, huh?

As with most digital advertising, the cost of reach per thousand (CPM) can be comparatively very low – with the flow on cost-per-click (CPC) as low as $0.15c.

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Email Marketing

Market to your existing customers and drive repeat business. Known as cheaper than acquiring new customers, utilise your database asset with our creative flair.

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Real-Time Metrics and Reporting

We create spicy advertising that achieves real business outcomes – not vanity metrics.

Understand your digital and website analytics with access to live reporting dashboards. Helping you track your campaigns and goals by day, week or month and make data-driven decisions that matter for your business.

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The Recipe For Success

Let’s create a plan to lift your business to a new level.

We’ll meet and chat about your business strategy, goals and current digital activity. We can dissect what is and isn’t working and how we can help.

We’ll develop a digital strategy to help attract new customers, maximise current customers and drive your business growth.

Before we get stuck into executing your new strategy, we’ll ensure all your digital channel integrations, tracking, conversions and analytics are set up correctly, so we can report and make reliable, data-driven decisions.

Once the strategy is set, we develop the assets (copy, creative, landing page suggestions) to execute the campaigns. We’ll test your ads and gather data along the way – identify your best-performing variables and optimising for performance.

Time to see the results. We’ll create a custom dashboard with real-time data that you can share with your team to track your results by day, week or month. Test, optimise, repeat.

When your foundation and campaigns are solid, we can continue to scale and build long-term conversions for your business’s success. Boo-yah!

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Another advantage of choosing Pepper to manage your digital advertising is that you gain direct access to the Pepper Mill, aka our talented creative team.

Our team knows how to cut through the jungle of digital advertising with inspired imagery, copy, and animation. Importantly, the design and production of your digital assets will also be aligned with your over-arching positioning strategy and corporate branding.


One of the best things about digital advertising is that investment vs. performance can be clearly measured.

We believe in transparency and accountability. We work with you to set monthly budgets for each digital marketing channel, which can be adjusted based on insights from your advertising data and the flow on effect on your enquiries, orders and sales.

Our management fee includes:

Weekly monitoring of your advertising

Adjustments to bidding strategies

Analysing the performance rate of each channel and advertisement

Making any necessary adjustments

Measuring your goals and conversions

Providing you with a detailed monthly report

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